Frequently Asked Questions 

What is The Fetal Position?


The Fetal Position is a young adult fiction novel set in the years 1990-1994 in the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne.




Is The Fetal Position your debut novel?


Yes. I self-published the book in December 2018, and she was my first. 




Where can I purchase the book?


As the novel is self-published through Amazon books, the only place to buy the book is online. The sites that stock the book are:

-Amazon Books

-Book Depository



-Angus & Robertson (online only)




How much does the book cost?


Depending on what country you're from, the price varies, though minimally. In Australian dollars, the book is roughly AU28-35 dollars, depending on the site in which you purchase.




Is there an e-book version?


Absolutely, however, only through Amazon Kindle. There is also a FREE buy option that lasts for 30 days. 




Why does Amazon charge so much for shipping?


Amazon charges shipping based on the weight of the book. TFP weighs 13.4 ounces (370 gr). This is something author's have no control over. That being said, I arranged to make the font size slightly smaller to keep the weight lighter, therefore keeping the price of shipping down.


Book Depository, however, does not charge a shipping fee. 




How many pages is The Fetal Position?


The book is 285 pages. 




How long did it take you to write The Fetal Position?


Too long. Ten years. I started at 13 and completed it when I turned 23. 




Is the book based on a true story?


The book is 100% fiction. 




Can I review the book?


Yes! I absolutely value feedback. Head to Goodreads, Google Books, and my Facebook page to rate and review the book.




Are you currently writing another book?


Yes, I'm working on two at the moment. The first is a novel, and the other is poetry.


About the novel, all I can say about it is that it's coming along slowly( though not as slow as my first novel), it's a little more intense, and the story is filled with many central characters who aren't all to be admired. 


As for my poetry, I'm hoping to have it ready for publication in a matter of months. Stay tuned for more info via my social media.




Where is M.B. Wynter from?


I was born, raised, and currently residing in Sydney Australia. 




Do you have literary representation?


No. I'm the boss of my work, and sometimes that's lovely, and sometimes it's exhausting!