The Fetal Position 

Published 2018


It’s 1994
And it’s far from a bore

In the suburbs of Melbourne lives Paige
A twenty-one-year-old filled with ire and rage

Her head is unfit and she suffers from disease
It eats her up and leaves her mother in tears

Only she dreams!
Her mother’s an addict and her godfather’s naïve

Oh, Paige, when will you see?
More trouble is near
Your lover is about to leave


Dwaine is a brand new man, just turned eighteen

Paige makes him happy
And sometimes she doesn’t
His father’s recent incarceration is the cherry on top

Upon returning to Sydney to start anew

He realises what he’s walked into

His aunty Bowie has a secret or two


Lucy is a sight for sore eyes
She and Dwaine were friends once upon a time

Again, the two meet
Is it Dwaine’s heart she seeks?

Paige and Dwaine, who can they trust?

One thing’s for sure
A lifestyle change is a must


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